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Potable Water

We Take Delivering Potable Water Very Seriously

Here at Fortin Water, taking care of the customer is our number one priority. We are registered with NH DES and have helped many communities work through their emergency situations. The NH DES has put together an "Emergency Bulk Water for Public Systems" fact sheet for the public.

Potable drinking water is vital. Even through the worst droughts we have had, we have always been able to supply our customers with potable drinking water in NH and MA. Many times there are special connections required to deliver potable drinking water to businesses and residential areas. If that is the case, our expert staff knows the right questions to ask.


The public often takes their drinking water supply for granted. Not us! We understand the emergency when you go to turn on the water, and there is none. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service, the highest quality water, and delivering the best service to our customers!!!

Manchester Water Works

The City of Manchester provides us with the majority of our bulk water. We have a line going directly into our facility, which helps us to offer emergency service. Manchester Water Works is committed to providing high quality, clean, safe water for all kinds of uses!

We make it easy!

We accept most credits cards, checks, and of course cash for all water deliveries. Not sure how much water your pool will need? We have an easy-to-use water volume calculator. Even better, we have up-front pool water pricing. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we try to make fulfilling your water needs as easy as possible.

Public Water Systems

We provide water and assistance to many public water systems in the state of NH.

Public Water Systems
Emergency Water

Emergency Business Water

We have provided a lot of small businesses across the state of NH and MA with solutions to thier potable drinking water problems.

Residential Water

Fortin Water has helped many NH Residents get through their crises. We understand how critical it is to you and your family.

Residential Water
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