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Ice Rinks

Winter Time Fun!!!

Lace up the skates and start the bonfire! Next, call Fortin Water to deliver water to your skating rink located in NH and northern MA. We have filled hundreds of rinks, maybe even thousands. We are able to do this because we have Manchester Drinking water piped right into our shop in Londonderry, NH. And with a few tricks up our sleeve, we are able to fill skating rinks as long as the temperature is 25 degrees or higher.

We do ask that you have a clear shoveled path to the rink so the driver is not running his hose through the snow.

You spent a lot of time building that rink. We have seen many great ones, and even a couple that are not so great. Use our experience to make it a great experience for you and your family. Our drivers have the know-how to get the water into your skating rink.

The quality of water does affect the ice. We deliver crystal clear drinking water to back-yard skating rinks here in NH and MA.

We make it easy!

We accept most credits cards, checks, and of course cash for all water deliveries. Not sure how much water your pool will need? We have an easy-to-use water volume calculator. Even better, we have up-front pool water pricing. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we try to make fulfilling your water needs as easy as possible.

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